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DebiCare is our partner for administrative services. They are involved in everything that comes with childcare, except actually caring for the children. That's what KiddoStaff is for.


DebiCare has a lot of contact with all players within childcare, such as managers, leaders, parents, municipal institutions and the tax authorities. This puts them at the center of the industry and they are aware of what is going on with everyone. They excel in remote administration and advising on decisions to be made. Thanks to their efforts, we have continuous access to all important information.

These are the parts of our administration that we outsource to DebiCare:

Contract administration: DebiCare takes care of registrations, offering a place and changing current contracts. They ensure that the contract administration is in order, both administratively and substantively.

Invoicing: DebiCare takes over the invoicing for us, processes changes in the hours used, ensures timely invoicing and collects the invoices from parent(s) and/or caregiver(s).

Debtor management: DebiCare carries out strict and clear debtor management for us. They ensure that parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) have their own contact person and strive for a minimum percentage of outstanding items.

Planning: DebiCare takes care of the planning and flow of children into the right groups. They take the teacher/child ratio into account and ensure up-to-date waiting list management.

Coaching and advice: With their extensive experience in childcare, DebiCare offers us advice and coaching in various areas, from starting a new childcare location to making budgets.

Benefits service provider: As an official benefits service provider of the Tax Authorities, DebiCare helps us apply for or change childcare benefits and responds to relevant developments in legislation and regulations.

Interim work: If you need temporary staff, we can count on DebiCare. Their account managers are familiar with various software packages and can provide support both on location and remotely.

Want to know more about DebiCare?View the website here!

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