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Hi mom/dad!

KiddoStaff. Childminders: Where Loving Care and Convenience Come Together!

When it comes to the care and education of your most precious possession, we at KiddoStaff understand the essence of trust and quality. That is why we offer the solution you deserve: childminders via KiddoStaff.

Our carefully selected childminders offer a safe, stimulating and loving environment for your children. With years of experience and passion for childcare, they meet strict quality requirements. At KiddoStaff we go further than a simple match: we strive for a perfect click between parent, child and childminder.

Why KiddoStaff? First of all, we take care of the search work. No endless online search, but a carefully compiled list of qualified childminders who meet your specific needs. Secondly, safety is our top priority. We thoroughly screen every childminder and work with official authorities to ensure a safe environment.

And let's face it, as parents you deserve peace of mind too. KiddoStaff guarantees reliable childcare that seamlessly fits your lifestyle and wishes. With KiddoStaff you not only choose a childminder, but a partner who supports you in the growth and development of your child.

Trust, quality and convenience – that is what KiddoStaff stands for. Choose peace of mind, choose your child's future. Together we make the best choice.

Kinderen bestuderen Alphabet

Some of our nannies:

At KiddoStaff we work with the 55 sweetest and nicest teachers. Every day they put a smile on the children's faces 

Lees de verhalen van deze lieve nanny's!

Older woman smile



Young woman with curly hair


The Hague

Woman in selfie



Emma P

"Great match with our regular babysitter via Children love her and we can go out without any worries."



DoenKids is een online activiteitendatabase. Sinds dit jaar zijn we partners, waardoor onze leidsters onbeperkt toegang hebben tot alle activiteiten, thema’s en programma’s.


Dit maakt iedere dag een unieke dag voor jouw kinderen. 

Kinderen in Bouncy Castle
Kind met konijnenmuts

Direct een aanvraag doen?

Wij reageren binnen 2 (werk) dagen
Let op! Wij bieden (helaas) geen voor/na schoolse opvang. Wij kunnen alleen gezinnen helpen voor  hele dagen!

Bedankt voor je aanvraag!

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