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Recruitment and selection

Kiddo Staff mediates between the teacher and the requesting parents in the conclusion of an employment contract. An employment contract can be entered into in accordance with the home services regulations.

If the teacher works a maximum of three days a week, it is not necessary to pay social security contributions and premiums. If there is a demand for more days of care, we recommend using two caregivers.


Kiddo Staff uses its expertise to provide the right connection between the requesting parents and the teacher. Kiddo Staff then focuses on guidance. To achieve a good relationship in the long term, Kiddo Staff provides good guidance.

Kiddo Staff is a government-recognized organization, registered in the National Childcare Register. Kiddo Staff takes care of the registration of its caregivers in the National Childcare Register, which makes the costs eligible for childcare allowance.

Kids Playing Tug of War
Kids Playing Tug of War
Kid Playing with Bubble


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