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Partner KiddoStaff; Rosa

KidsKonnect is an innovative organization that focuses on automating administrative processes within the childcare sector. Based on their practical experience in childcare, they have developed a solution called ROSA, which helps childcare organizations streamline their administration. This solution arose from a need to make administrative tasks more efficient and effective.

What once started in an attic room is now a thriving organization with a dedicated team of professionals. They serve approximately 300 childcare organizations, ranging from small to large. The KidsKonnect team is known for their personal approach and solution-oriented attitude. By working closely with their users, ROSA continues to develop and improve.

ROSA offers a wide range of functions. The basis of ROSA is child planning and invoicing, but it can be supplemented with other functions such as a parent app or personnel administration. The aim is to provide childcare organizations with an up-to-date overview and help them deploy staff efficiently, which can lead to significant savings. In addition, the parent app ensures smooth communication with parents, which contributes to their satisfaction.

In addition to software for childcare centers, KidsKonnect also offers a specific software package for childminder agencies and home daycare. This package has been developed based on their years of experience in the childcare industry. It enables (host) parents to easily complete and approve timesheets.

In short, KidsKonnect is a reliable partner for childcare organizations that are looking for an automated solution for their administrative processes. With their extensive knowledge of the sector and their commitment to innovation, they continue to make a valuable contribution to childcare in the Netherlands.

Want to know more about KidsKonnect and Rosa?View the website here

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